Leveling the playing field for investors of every size.

Spectre is a Decentralized Investment Organization which provides early Investment opportunities to its NFT holders through trustless smart contract protocols.

The evolution of venture capital.

At Spectre, we will become the chosen platform for early investment within the world of crypto finance. To achieve this, we provide the necessary platform to trustlessly send your funds through automated smart contract systems. Additionally, we will bring in worthwhile investment opportunities to our community, build up the treasury, and automate the onboarding and investment processes to make participation as easy as possible, allowing investors of all budgets and backgrounds to participate in early crypto offerings.

We are truly community centric.

We aim to build an ecosystem capable of providing early allocations in order to create a fairer, more evenly distributed ecosystem.
Provide an even playing field for our holders; regardless of budget.
Obtain beneficial allocation opportunities.
Focus on community and education.
Allow project owners to target investors of different budgets.

A strong investment thesis.

We aim to build an ecosystem capable of providing early allocations in order to create a fairer, more evenly distributed ecosystem.
Infrastructure Software
Projects that provide tools and systems to increase functionality and streamline development through bootstrapping.
Gaming and Metaverse
Games and platforms that use Web3 technology to develop their ecosystems.
Scaling and Interoperability
Different levels of abstraction to work with Web3 tech; L0 Omni-chains, L1 chains & L2 solutions.
Our Past Investments

Superior project selection & due diligence.

At Spectre, we are proud of the rigorous investment screening process we use to filter out the hidden gems from everything else in the space. Our multi-step process allows us to screen projects at a rapid pace to quickly reduce noise before we start digging deeper.

The projects that pass the screening process are then researched further through meeting the founder(s), a research division deep dive, due diligence by our investment council, followed by an approval from the experts committee.

If a project passes through these steps, it will then await approval by the core team to decide on a soft commit before putting forth the proposal to the community. If the community shows a genuine interest, we finalize the agreement(s), raise the funds, and finish the investment opportunity to then transition over to the next.

Lead by our team of experienced professionals.

Annie is the VP of Investments at an early stage VC. As a co-founder of Spectre VC and a mod agency called MetaMods, her goal is to provide services for NFT projects at all stages, from investment to advisory to launch. Based in Asia, Annie's given up sleep for NFTs…even the devs can't do anything about this.
Felix is a former Applied Scientist from Twitch/Amazon who is now an engineer, entrepreneur, advisor, and mentor. At Spectre, Felix's main focus lies with the technical and mathematical side of the business, being the one who designed and developed the investment platform and an avid analyst of tokenomics and complex financial systems.
cryptoAGC is an entrepreneur by heart with a degree in business economics and has a strong passion for Web3 and it's applications for making markets more fair. His focus lies within tokenomics, asset management, and building strong, self-sustaining teams.

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